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M4 Full-auto Side-wall Coring Block Forming Machine

M4 full-auto side-wall coring block forming machine is the only one kind of ideal mechanical machine to produce side-wall blocks at present. It adopts hydraulic driven mold-box to make vertical directional vibration, and the pressure-head also makes vibration with pressure. So the forming effect is very good and the machine structure is very simple. Meanwhile, pallet feeding and core withdrawing movement is linked, and the coring blocks can be accurately located. Producing line with this kind of machine is suitable to produce side-wall blocks with the materials of sands, stones, cement, fly-ash, etc. Only mold needs be changed when you want to produce side-wall blocks with different shapes.

With the technology of vibration with pressure, the produced products are in good looking with uniform grains, accurate dimensions, strong structure, and the forming efficiency is very high. Meanwhile, cement material will be greatly saved, and the production cost is decreased. After forming, de-moulding can be immediately carried out.

Main Technical Parameters

Main block spec. L * W * H

Forming cycle
Capacity per hour
Vibrating Frequency

Motor power of hydraulic station
Motor power of pressure-head vibration
Motor power of arch-breaking device
Motor power of material-feeding belt
Power of blocks conveying motor
Total power
Pallet transmission speed
Blocks conveying speed
Pressure of hydraulic station
Pallet Size L * W * H
Weight of forming machine
Overall size L * W * H

400 240 180mm (STD block)
4 PCS per pallet
40 sec.
300 360 PCS (STD block)
2800 4700 rpm table vibration
2860 rpm pressure-head vibration
0.25 m/s
0.26 m/s
Hydraulic P=14 16MPa Adjustable
1200 670 40 1mm
14000 2500 3000 mm