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Block-making Machine Series
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QFTMY4-30 Block-making Machine
QTMJ3/4-30 Block-making Machine
M4 Side-wall Coring Blocks Forming Machine
QTY8/10-15 Block Producing Line
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Molds for Blocks & Porous Bricks
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QFTMY4-30 Double-layer Distribution Block-making Machine

QFTMY4-30 double-layer distribution block-making machine is an ideal machine to produce colorful pavers. While operation, vibration platform makes vertical vibration in fixed direction, and the oil cylinder pressurizes at the same time. So, the produced products is uniform and in very high density and strength. Second material distributing system is very easy for material feeding and spreading.

The producing line with this kind of machine can be used to produce blocks with concrete, cinder, fly-ash, coal gangue, ceramic grains, and many other kinds of materials. Molds may be replaced to produce various shapes of products, such as all kinds of blocks, road-edge stones, lawn bricks, decoration bricks, etc.

Mold-box and mold core of this machine adopts vibration device, and the vibrating force may be adjusted to meet requirements of products with different strength. When produce solid products, mold-core vibration device may be dismantled.

Main Technical Parameters

Main block spec. L * W * H
Pieces of block per forming (STD Block)
Vibrating Frequency

Max. vibration-exciting force
Power of vibrating motor

Motor power of hydraulic pump
Motor power of transmission table
Pallet conveying speed
Pallet size L * W * H
Machine total weight
Overall size L * W * H

390 190 190
4 PCS per forming
48HZ (mold vibration for standard blocks)
Mold vibration, 1.1KW2 (For STD blocks)
Table vibration, 4KW
0.19 m/s
860 540 40 mm Pallet
4400 2200 2675 mm