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Block-making Machine Series
QTY6-15 Block-making Machine
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M4 Side-wall Coring Blocks Forming Machine
QTY8/10-15 Block Producing Line
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QTY6-15 Full-auto Block-making Machine

Model QTY6-15 auto block-making machine is a new-developed machine, which absorbs many advantages from similar types of machines at home and abroad. It is very convenient for operation and maintenance, and suitable to produce load-bearing blocks, porous bricks, and fly-ash blocks.

Electrical and hydraulic components are imported from Japan and France. Many new technologies are adopted, such as special material storage and feeding device, forced feeding device, special vibration method, table and mold vibration , and large-sized working table. Therefore, machine can operate very fast and smoothly, and the produced products are with high density and uniform strength. To meet requirements of market, customers may produce various blocks or pavers by changing different molds.

Main Technical Parameters

Main blocks spec. L * W * H

Forming Cycle
Capacity per hour

Vibrating Frequency

Vibration Method
Motor power of hydraulic station
Vibrating motor power of pressure-head
Power of arch-breaking motor
Motor power of material-feeding belt
Motor power for pallet feeding
Motor power for blocks conveying

Blocks: 390 190 190, 6 PCS per pallet
Bricks: 240 115 90 15 PCS per pallet
15 20 sec.
Pavers: 70 90m 2
Blocks: 12 15m 2
2800 4700 rpm mold vibration
3000 rpm table vibration
Table & Mold Vibration